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This incredible journey started off as his thing. Who knew it would expand my perspective as a partner, companion, wife and mother? I knew nothing about entrepreneurship. I was in Corporate America for 20+ years and I liked the idea of being safe. However, my husband had a vision for himself, our family, and our relationship. Although, I preferred to support him from the bleachers, I quickly realized he needed me on the sidelines and so did I. It allowed me to gain a clear understanding of our path and together we were able to develop a plan to achieve the unthinkable.


The birth of GWOMEN was his idea. However, this journey has taught me that women need a safe space to exchange thoughts, ideas, and emotion. A space where we can support our ambitious partners but maintain our own identity, goals, and ambitions. A space where we remind each other not to get lost in the expectations of others and keep our dreams on the forefront. As a result, we have GWOMEN. A community where goal driven women create a healthy rhythm to thrive in life and business.

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